New Narconon Video Refutes Myth that Drugs Stay in the System Just a Short Time

When it comes to the effects of drug abuse, it’s hard to know who has the real story on the damage being done by abusing marijuana, alcohol, cocaine or other drugs. So many opposing views glut newspapers, television and the internet that it may be impossible to find the truth.

To help the public find accurate information on the dangers of drug abuse, Narconon International, an international non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of addiction, has just released a new video to make the subject perfectly clear.

Is it true that drugs stay in the body or are they eliminated immediately? Do the residues of cocaine, LSD, heroin and the THC in marijuana stay in the system for some reason, making it hard to eliminate all the effects of substance abuse or addiction?

how long do drugs stay in the system videoThe true answer is clearly explained in this new drug education video from Bobbie Wiggins, a drug educator from Narconon who himself suffered from addiction for sixteen years. In this new video, available at, Mr. Wiggins explains why drugs can stay in the system for years. He shows how drugs traveling in the bloodstream are attracted to fat deposits that surround the blood vessels and provides his own experience of experiencing an LSD flashback that occurred years after he had stopped abusing drugs.

Using the sauna detox program developed for those going through the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, Mr. Wiggins eliminated the residual toxins from his addiction and found that life was brighter and more enjoyable.

“Anyone who is confused by the controversy about how long drugs stay in the body should just talk to anyone who has done this sauna detox program,” said Mr. Wiggins. “Once you hear the story of someone who experienced an LSD trip five or more years after they stopped using drugs, that should help you resolve any opposing views. In my case, being able to build a new, positive drug-free life for myself through the Narconon drug rehab program truly saved my life.”

Even the National Institute on Drug Abuse agrees that drugs can stay in the system for a year or more. In a report on the NIDA website, researchers validate the fact with reports of LSD flashbacks a year or more after taking the drug.

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