Sue Birkenshaw in Drug Addiction
June 29, 2018

Can Addiction Be Predicted?

The subject of addiction and what causes it is rife with theories. Any area of life or behavior which is problematic and not well understood all too frequently lends itself to a plethora of complexities and proposed solutions which ultimately prove unworkable and do not result in a betterment of the condition. So it is with addiction…


Karen Hadley in Drug overdoses
June 30, 2017

What Two New Forecasts of Drug Overdose Deaths Missed

In the last few weeks, two major companies have published estimates and predictions of the number of Americans who will be lost to lose to drug overdoses. But both estimates seem to miss a piece of that big picture.


Karen Hadley in Drug Prevention
June 27, 2017

Opioid Epidemic Forecast: Half a Million Americans could be Killed in the Next 10 Years

A new article released by STAT shines a harsh light on the reality of the opioid epidemic in America. Drug overdoses already kill more Americans under age 50 than anything else. There are now nearly 100 deaths each day from opioids—that number could spike up to 250 deaths a day, per the worst-case scenario put forth by STAT’s expert panel.