Karen in Recovery
December 26, 2018

How Celebrities Can Truly Save Many Lives

Celebrities seem to be most renowned for the very public trouble they get into, but many celebrities actually have found ways to help others by speaking out about their recovery from addiction.


Karen in Prescription drugs
August 17, 2017

Tiger Woods and His “Cocktail” of Drugs: Lucky to Be Alive?

When Tiger Woods was found asleep in his car due to a mix of prescription drugs he’d consumed and police took him into custody, this intervention may have saved his life. Compare his story to Heath Ledger’s.


Karen in Drug Prevention
February 8, 2017

Three Reasons Parents Can’t Afford to Think “My Kid will Never Use Drugs”

In the last two decades, a whole new world of drug abuse and addiction with dangerous, and even deadly, consequences has opened up. The situation is such that now, no parent can afford to think that their child will be the one that never uses drugs, never becomes addicted and will never overdose.