Julie in Alcohol Abuse
November 4, 2021

Why It Is So Hard To Quit Drinking

Not drinking may seem like a simple solution to someone on the outside but, it is much more complicated than that to someone with an alcohol problem. So what makes it so difficult to quit drinking? Several factors can make it a challenge for someone to stop drinking on their own; here are just a few.


Karen Hadley in Drug Abuse Information
January 16, 2020

Does Substance Use Increase the Risk of Suicide?

Drug overdoses aren't the only way drug users may lose their lives. Heavy users of alcohol, opioids, cocaine or even marijuana run a higher risk of suicide than those who don't use drugs. This is another compelling reason to get an addicted person into rehab.


Ren in Drug Education
September 22, 2019

Drinking and Marijuana Use Results in Increased Tobacco Consumption in Some Individuals

A healthy lifestyle is always preferred over an unhealthy one. As we go through life, we try to be as healthy as we can. Those intentions are, of course, strongly affected by a wide variety of factors. These include socioeconomic condition, genetic endowment, upbringing, geographic location, peer environment, available resources, etc. Still, we do the best that we can with the resources available.


Ren in Alcohol
November 21, 2018

How Alcohol Use Affects One’s Body

It does not take a wise man or woman to know that alcohol is a more or less unhealthy substance and that drinking too much of it can have a very harmful effect on the human body.


Sue Birkenshaw in Alcohol
March 26, 2013

Is There A Link Between Alcoholism And Depression?

It is a matter of common sense that depression and alcoholism often go hand in hand, but until recently it has not necessarily been well established just exactly to what degree this is the case.