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October 2, 2019

Drug Deaths, Suicide, and a Three-Year Drop in Life Expectancy - What Does It Mean?

One of the most telling indicators of the overall health of a nation’s population is its life expectancy. When a population’s life expectancy improves, this is a sign of overall improvement for that country. When a country’s life expectancy falls, especially after a period of steady growth in life expectancy, that is something to be worried about.


Ren in Family Addiction
September 8, 2019

Yet Another Urgent Reason to Help Addicted Parents

Suicide attempts are another risk factor for the children of addicted parents. We have known for some time that it is harmful for children to grow up in households where one or more of the parents is using drugs and alcohol. There is a wealth of research data to back that up.


Is Addiction Really a Form of Suicide?

I was recently on a short trip and the motel I stayed at gave patrons a complimentary copy of USA TODAY. I generally don’t like to read newspapers because all they put in the papers is bad news and I don’t think a lot of it is even true, let alone news.


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November 20, 2018

Why Suicide Rates are Climbing Across the U.S.—The Link Between Suicide and Drug Use

Since 1999, statistics for suicide have increased by twenty-five percent, heralding a concerning mystery in our health condition that warrants attention.


Ren in Drug-Related News
August 7, 2018

New Information Draws a Distinct Relationship Between Meth and Suicide

No one likes to confront the existence of an addiction amongst their family members or loved ones. But sadly, given the current drug scene in modern-day America, that is exactly what many American families are having to do.