Editorial Staff in Opioid Crisis
February 27, 2023

Why Do Drug Overdoses Spike During Winter? A Look at Cold Weather-Related Risk Factors

Research has shown a possible connection between cold weather and a heightened risk for overdose. Several factors may contribute to this, like cold weather making it more likely addicts will use drugs at home by themselves, therefore being less likely to have someone nearby who can render aid if the addict overdoses. The findings act as yet another reason why family members of addicts have to act fast to get their loved ones’ help.


Ren in Health risks
December 28, 2021

Risk Factors Connected to Addiction During Winter

There is never a “safe” time to be addicted to drugs. But there are times when risk factors spike, when addicts are in even more danger than they usually are. Given that drug overdoses tend to surge during winter, one can say that addicts face additional harm and danger during the colder months, necessitating increased efforts to help them seek treatment.


Ren in Drug information
December 22, 2020

Drug and Alcohol Risk and Cold Weather

Not only do people tend to drink and do drugs more during the colder months, but doing so has increased risk factors. What are these risk factors? And what can the family members of addicts do to help their loved ones get better and avoid risk?


Ren in Health risks
November 20, 2019

The Coming Winter Season – Sunlight, Warmth, Vitamin D, and Avoiding Substance Abuse in Colder Months

Most people gravitate to sunny days over gray ones. Most tend to enjoy warm weather over cold. Most would prefer a day with 16 hours of sunlight over one with just half that.