Scotland’s Drug Problem Then and Now

Headline after headline has broken with the news that Scotland is in the midst of the worst drug problem in Europe with the highest rate of drug overdose deaths in the region. And while this public health crisis is certainly newsworthy, some key details to it are not being fully considered.


Ren in News
January 20, 2021

Scotland’s Drug Fatality Rate

Despite sincere efforts on the part of the Scottish government and its people, over 1,000 Scots still die every year from drug overdoses. Why is the death rate so high? And what might be done to bring the death toll down?


Ren in Harm Reduction
February 20, 2020

Scotland's Overdose Epidemic – Finding the Correct Solution

Here's an eye-catching headline: “Where the Nurse Prescribes Heroin." One might think it was the headline to a fictional piece, a dystopian essay or novel on what life would be like if full-scale drug use permeated our society.