Ren in Legislation
August 27, 2023

Can Washington’s New Drug Policy Improve Access to Addiction Treatment?

Washington State recently passed a law making it easier for drug addicts to access treatment without facing criminal punishment for possession infractions. Yet, unlike similar Oregon legislation passed last year, the Washington law does not legalize drugs or decriminalize possession.


Ren in Alcohol Addiction
June 4, 2021

How New Alcohol Policy Could Save Lives

Remarkably, Lithuania’s alcohol-related vehicle fatalities decreased 82% during a 15-year long experimental phase in which alcohol-related restrictions were imposed on the general public (especially those driving while intoxicated). Should we consider cracking down more on not only drunk driving but also on the circumstances that precipitate drunk driving?


Ren in Studies
February 28, 2020

Prison Sentences Don’t Help Drug Addicts — A Look at Post-Prison Relapse Rates

There is no clear evidence that incarcerating people who use drugs is the right way to address the drug crisis.