Ren in Prison system
June 9, 2021

Should We Build Prisons or Drug Rehab Centers?

America has been jailing people with drug problems en masse for 40+ years. This has been a widely unworkable approach to this country’s addiction crisis, proven so repeatedly by a wealth of research and study.


Ren in Drugs and Crime
January 5, 2020

Drug Addiction and Overcrowded Jails

The subject of drug addiction and incarceration has been a contentious one for some time. Many people still feel as though drug use is a crime and therefore should be punished as such. But as the years go by and as our understanding of addiction improves, more and more people are starting to see that drug use is indicative of a severe behavioral crisis…


Ren in Drug Rehabilitation
April 18, 2019

Should a Jail Be Responsible For Treating Addiction?

When I checked the news the other day I was shocked to find a story of a federal judge who ordered that a county jail in Massachusetts be made to give an inmate his methadone doses, so he could continue his medication-assisted therapy.


Ren in News
April 11, 2019

Portugal Finds Value in Diversion of Drug Addicts to Treatment Instead of Incarceration

Imagine the worst possible drug den, the ultimate cesspool of addiction and drug-related misery. That was Portugal in the 1980s and the first half of the 1990s. Then, in just a matter of a few years, the country completely turned their drug problem around and managed to create massive change for the better.


Ren in Dealing with Addiction
September 4, 2018

U.S. Prisons Now Heavily Medicating Inmates

In the very recent news, U.S. correctional institutions are becoming more inclined to heavily medicate inmates on anti-addiction medicines, even though there are worlds of test data and information dictating the massive risk and potential health crisis issues attendant with anti-addiction medications.