Narconon Graduate Success Stories

Narconon Graduate Success StoriesI have completed the Narconon program and I have my life back. This program has given me many useful tools to use in my life and to stay drug-free. I have enjoyed every step of this program. Thank you, Narconon. JC

I feel really good about my completion of the Narconon program. I got a lot out of this place. Most importantly, I got myself back. I am confident I can do a great job when I leave here and apply all the concepts I learned here. I am appreciative of all the people who helped me and I am excited about all the wins I’ve had. EB

It is an incredible achievement completing this program. I have regained my sense of self-worth, my dignity and my soul. Before this program I was a broken man with no direction and now after the program I am a man full of confidence and ambition. I know that I have a purpose on this earth and now I am ready to achieve it.

If you guide your life by “The Road to Happiness,” you will find happiness. You will have honor, respect, love, companionship, trust, belief, hope and a true sense of well being, which is security. Thank you Narconon! DB

Not only am I free from addiction, but this program is helping me become a better person with each passing day. RC

Today, I am 49-years-old. I am sober. I am happier than I have ever been. My spirit is soaring far above my expectations. I am still learning. HM

I feel empowered upon completing book 8. I know I have all the skills and knowledge I need to live a productive, drug-free life. I have never felt this good on the inside about myself and I have never been this healthy on the outside. Narconon has given me my life back and I am very grateful. I am a new person with drive, ambition and a new-found confidence. I am ready to take on the world! RW

Book 7 was my favorite so far. I have written my conditions and worked the formulas and I am in Normal on most. I can apply these formulas to all aspects of my life. TL

My conditions and my dynamics have been so out of “sync,” but since I have been at Narconon and understanding the technology, I realize I am in great shape now and will continue to work on improving my conditions. It is a win for me to know I was not an evil person in the past. I was a daughter, a good, great daughter who cared about my family and others, a daughter who was loving, kind and giving. I am a daughter, sister and a trustworthy friend, now. DS

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