Chill Pills Generate a New Threat for a New Generation

Pill Factory

Before the 1950s, there were no tranquilizers being marketed. Then came Miltowns, followed by Valium and then followed by the full range of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. By 1957, there had been 56 million prescriptions filled for Miltowns.

And with the popularization of this range of drugs, and despite their addictiveness, millions of people have come to depend on these drugs to deal with daily life. In many cases, it’s a whole new generation of young people who are using, abusing or being addicted to them. Some people simply rely on them, filling the prescriptions as needed, and others abuse them recreationally.

Now, these medications that have been referred to as “chill pills” for decades are sending people to rehabilitation centers so they can finally get sober.

Celebrity Addicts Going to Recovery

According to the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles, actors, singers and other performers in Hollywood are frequently going to rehabilitation centers to overcome their addictions. It appears that too many doctors in Hollywood are too willing to hand out prescriptions.

Pill Addiction

Despite the fact that these classes of drugs create dependence, even when they are taken at correct, therapeutic doses, many people receive prescriptions for them for years on end. Some people progress to abusing them and then, as they develop a tolerance, have to find ways to get enough of their drugs to satisfy the tolerance that normally builds up. In other words, they need more of the drug just in order to function, much less to get a high.

Now, there are literally hundreds of different formulas for “chill pills” that are available to provide an artificial, addictive solution to life’s problems.

Mixing Drugs Creates a Whole New Set of Problems

Polydrug Abuse

The recent trend in substance abuse is to mix substances. It’s called polydrug abuse. Along with Valium, now, a person might add alcohol. In fact, alcohol abuse along with prescription drug abuse is very common among those under 25 years of age. Alcohol was frequently abused with painkillers, stimulants like Ritalin, sleeping pills or anti-anxiety medications. Statistically, the more dependent a person is on alcohol, the more mixing they do.

The Narconon Program Provides a Solution

Turn Life Around

After years or even decades of addiction, it’s never easy to admit the extent of the problem and find a rehab center to provide recovery. But the risk presented by chill pill abuse or mixing this kind of drug with alcohol means that the sooner a person in this situation can be gotten to an effective rehab program, the better.

The Narconon program has been helping people get sober after street drug, alcohol and prescription drug abuse since 1966. The program is completely based on results – that principle guided the development of the program from the beginning. The only methods used were those that resulted in sobriety. Finding this program can be the beginning of a new sobriety for someone you care about.

In three to five months for most people, the Narconon program can provide a repair of damage done by addictive drugs and alcohol and a restoration of the life skills essential to staying sober. Some people call this an alternative program because it is not based on the Twelve Step model nor on a medical model that uses more drugs in the course of treatment. Instead, the steps are based on a philosophy anyone can understand: if you address the factors that keep a person trapped in addiction and help a person really learn how to escape them, they will stop being addicts. Pure and simple.

Learn more about the Narconon rehab program that is offered all around the world. Call a Narconon drug help representative today 1-800-775-8750.