Why California Drug Arrests Have Increased

California is one of America’s largest states. Dozens and dozens of bustling metropolis areas, rural countryside’s, Beautiful wine vineyards, beaches, mountains, redwood forests, snowy peaks, deserts and valleys. Yes, California has a bit of everything. Unfortunately, with the vast numbers of people in America’s most populated state, there are also problems. One of the biggest is drugs.

A Look At California’s Numbers

A report on California’s drug arrests indicates a 39% increase in juvenile related drug arrests. During that same time period, the adult drug related arrest percentage increased by 11.4%. Felony and misdemeanor marijuana arrests happened to be the only areas where juvenile arrest rates were higher than adult rates. Marijuana offenses were the main player in the 39% increase that was reported.

Another section of the same report indicates the amount of drugs seized at the southwest border of California.  According to the report, cocaine and methamphetamine seizures steadily increased over the past 20 years and do not show and signs that they are leveling off or decreasing. At the same time, Marijuana seizure has decreased gradually over the past two decades.

The interesting thing to notice is that while there are way less marijuana being seized at the border, there are significantly more arrests for the drug than any other drug in the state. In fact, another report indicate that marijuana arrests have spiked to alarming numbers over the past decade, while the arrests for all other illegal drugs, possession, manufacture and selling, declined substantially.

What’s The Reason For The Drug Use & Arrest Increase

Many articles are being written that all state the same thing about the recent rise in marijuana arrests:

In 1990, half of California’s marijuana possession arrestees were African-American, Latino, Asian, or other nonwhite and 35% were under 20 years old. Ten years later, in the year 2010, 64% were nonwhite and 52% were under age 20. Marijuana possession arrests of nonwhite teens spiked from 3,100 in 1990 all the way to 16,400 in 2010. This indicates a jump that is 300% greater than population growth for that group.

According to the same report, California’s African-American population is 4 times more likely to be apprehended for marijuana possession. Additionally, they are 12 times as likely to be jailed for a marijuana felony arrest. Finally, African-Americans are 10 times more likely to be imprisoned for marijuana than any other racial or ethnic group.
The summary is that articles on this matter state that marijuana arrests are being used as a tool of racial discrimination. The statistics are hard to argue with. The bottom line is that California has a drug problem that is not being addressed correctly.

Help For Marijuana And Other Drugs

Although California has a very high rate of drug use and arrests, it is also a state that has many different options for drug rehabilitation and help for those addicted to break the cycle of crime and addiction. The Narconon program is one great option in California and offers the Narconon sauna treatment. This treatment is very successful in treating addiction and completely drug free. It focuses on removing residues from the body and drastically reduces physical drug cravings.

If you or someone you know is using marijuana or other drugs we can help. Don’t ignore warning signs that a family member or loved one is addicted to drugs. For more information on treatment through Narconon sauna, what to look for to determine if there is a problem, or help to get someone on the road to recovery, please contact us now.