Why Are Nearly Twenty Percent Of Students Getting High During The School Day

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse recently conducted a study focused on drug and alcohol use among high school students during the school day. The results were surprising: 17 percent of American high school students are smoking cigarettes, drinking or using drugs during the school day. In addition, 86 percent of the 1,003 students surveyed, said that they knew of classmates who were using drugs or alcohol during the hours of school, while more than half admitted that they knew of places on or close by campus where students could go to smoke, drink or get high. Marijuana was noted to be the most available drug, followed by prescription drugs, cocaine and ecstasy. 44 percent of students surveyed admitted that they know of a fellow classmate who sells drugs.

Is Social Media  Huge Part Of This Problem

The Internet may play a big role in acquainting teens with the partying lifestyle. There are many forms of peer pressure and among these is a fairly new type known as digital peer pressure. With the popularity of such websites as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, there comes the opportunity to talk with hundreds of peers about any and everything, including partying. In fact, another recent study of over 10 million online messages, written by teens within the past year, showed that they commonly talk about using drugs, drinking alcohol, hooking up and partying. Many teens may agree that drinking and using drugs is cool and “in” and chatting with their peers over the internet offers a more private and quiet way to talk about this topic without their parents even knowing it.

Many parents believe that private schools may offer a better environment for their kids, but, unfortunately, when it comes to social networking, the school you go to may not even matter. Besides, the number of students attending private schools who reported drugs on school grounds increased from 36 percent in 2011 to 54 percent in 2012, as was revealed by the same survey.

Awareness May Be The Solution

Though many teens may agree that using drugs and drinking may be fun, they would probably also agree that having embarrassing pictures of them posted on the Internet is less than desirable. This just goes to show that with maybe a little awareness of the potentially humiliating things they may do while under the influence of drugs or alcohol could turn them off from using in the first place.

Through programs given at schools such as D.A.R.E. as well as drug education and prevention through the Narconon program, teens are able to learn about the social consequences of using drugs or alcohol as well as the dangerous effects they may have on their bodies. Parents also play a major role in positively influencing their children by talking about this subject with them as well as setting a good example. By educating teens and giving them the knowledge to make smart choices in their lives, they will be better able to make smart decisions for themselves and be a positive influence for their peers.

Because of the ongoing program across the country with drug use during the school day the Narconon program has made a special effort to try to get the message out about drug prevention across the country.

Prevention is just one effective solution for the problem. Drug rehabilitation is the second. For more information on getting someone help now contact us today.

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