What Are Factors Behind Widespread Use Of Adderall

Adderall has only been around since 1996 but in that short time, it has become a dangerously popular study aid for students. Adderall is made up of different forms of amphetamine, a drug that also goes by the nickname “speed.” Doctors claim that in a younger person, this drug helps them calm down and focus. In high school and college students, it is being abused so it will provide a burst of energy that can carry them through a late night of studying or finishing a paper for a class.

But because it is made from amphetamines, it is addictive. A student could acquire these pills from health services or another student and use them to stay more alert through his studies but then find out that he simply craves the drug when he doesn’t have it that getting more of it becomes more important than his studies.

Recent reporting has proven that Adderall remains a popular study drug for students in high school and college. Even in middle school, students who don’t know the danger that can accompany abuse of this drug will share prescriptions with others.

Additional Danger Is Tolerance of Drug Use

The addictiveness is not the only danger related to use of this drug. Becoming accustomed to abusing a drug to solve a problem poses another threat to young people.  They may be more likely to reach for another prescription drug to moderate their response to some other situation.

As far back as 2005, the New York Times was reporting on the way some college students and young adults were learning to self-prescribe medications for various problems like stress over academic achievement or the need to stay alert all night to study.

When talking about Adderall, this New York Times article noted the adverse side effects of this drug: increased heart rate, agitation, paranoia and disorientation.  An additional danger is that a person could learn to depend on these drugs and not their own ability and intelligence. This is another reason the abuse of Adderall could lead them to rely on and become addicted to prescription drugs.

Narconon Reviews Show That This Rehab Program Results In Lasting Sobriety

To help a loved one recover from addiction to this kind of stimulant, thousands of families have chosen Narconon drug rehab programs. In many cases, families found Narconon after their loved one had been through one or more, sometimes many more, other rehab programs, only to relapse after they got home.

But the Narconon reviews received after a graduate goes home complete on this program show that this one is different. Mothers and fathers say that they child who had so much potential when he (or she) was young, is now back the way he was before the drugs stole him away.

In seven out of ten cases, Narconon graduates find lasting sobriety. The reason for this is the thorough way of addressing the root causes of addiction. A person must achieve relief from the guilt, cravings and depression that always accompany addiction. The Narconon program has specific components that help lift these burdens from a person going through this program, so they can build a new drug-free life.

If you are seeking help for someone who is struggling with addiction to stimulants like Adderall, or to alcohol, painkillers or other drugs, contact Narconon today. Find out about the eight phases of recovery at a Narconon program than can mean lasting sobriety, even if earlier rehabs have failed. Call 1-800-775-8750 today to find out everything you need to make a decision.