Website Visits To Narconon Triple In Just A Few Short Weeks

Since 1966 the goal of Narconon drug rehabilitation and education has been to reach as many people as possible to not only rehabilitate addicts but prevent drug use for individuals of all ages. Our main web-site has been our staple to help us bring the truth about the devastating effects of drugs to millions ever year.  Over the last weeks visits to the site have tripled allowing even more people to have a valid and informative resource on addiction, drugs, rehabilitation and prevention and education.

The site has been translated into nine different languages including Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese and Thai. With plans to add 15 more languages within the next year, it has not only brought the United States, but the world that is necessary to daily living and help with addiction.

This year plans are also underway to expand the drug prevention tools on the site so that it can be a place for teachers and parents to download curriculum to educate youth. And, with reports that more than 17% of kids using drugs in schools daily and 50% who have been exposed to them, the need for the information cannot come at a better time.

The Narconon site has more than 400 resources on the Narconon program and its successes for anyone looking to find treatment or learn more about the life saving technology offered through the rehab services.

Narconon has been a world-wide leader in the drug rehabilitation industry for the last 46 years with over 33,000 thousand graduates who have recovered from addiction. Seven out of ten Narconon graduates stay completely off drugs after completing the residential treatment program.

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