Link Found Between Mental Health Disorders And Long Term Opioid Use

According to a recent study a link has been found between those suffering from mental health disorders and the long term use of opioid drugs. The study, featured in a magazine called Pain reported that those that suffered from, or who were diagnosed with some type of mental health issue were more susceptible to developing a long term abuse problem with opioid drugs later in life.

While less of a link was found with young people [likely because they had not yet been diagnosed] there was a connection between the two. Many reasons could be formulated for this link but it can be broken down into the simple science of addiction, or cross addiction if the drugs prescribed for mental illness were not the same as those prescribed for the injury or illness requiring opioids.

Nevertheless this is a problem that can be remedied but some effective, drug free method for treating mental and emotional problems so not to open individuals up for opioid abuse down the road.

A Narconon Drug Rehab Case Study

At a Narconon drug rehab program an individual underwent treatment several years ago for the problem of opioid abuse. She was an 18 year old female who had been using prescription pills such as Vicoden and Oxycontin which then lead to heroin abuse. Upon receiving an interview, the girl had confessed to being involved in a traumatic childhood situation involving the divorce of her parents. She received a few psychiatric counseling sessions and was prescribed a light sedative drug to help her to calm down and sleep.

While the use of this prescription only lasted a few weeks, years later she had a sports injury. After seeing a doctor she was prescribed Vicoden for the pain. The effects of the drug, she felt, were similar to that prescribed to her at a young age. An addiction developed that required treatment.

This is only one of many case studies indicating that early drug use of prescriptions can later lead to abuse issues. Many more exist on the subject, not only with the recent study but with those what have enrolled in treatment through Narconon drug rehab.

Why Is There A Connection

The connection between the mental health problems, treatment of them with drugs and later drug use is simple. When one uses a drug the drug enters the body and travels to the brain where it hits the central reward system. This is where natural chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and endorphins are produced. The drug gives the body a fake boost of these chemicals, altering and tricking the natural reward system.

The individual feels “good” from the effects of the drug and then crashes. Subsequent incidents of taking the drug produce the same result. Even after long periods [years] of abstinence, further drug use can trigger the past use. This can then complicate the matter and set the individual up for continued abuse later in life.

There are several solutions to prevent this problem from occurring. The first is to be careful of what drugs are used early in life and only use prescriptions when they are absolutely needed. In addition, enrolling in a natural detox method like the New Life Detoxification Program through Narconon drug rehab is also an effective tool for removing residues from drugs from the body so that past drug use is not triggered, thereby causing a major problem with addiction

For more information on this study or how to handle long term opioid abuse issues contact Narconon drug rehab today.