Story of Heroin Addiction and the Narconon Rehabilitation Program

Here’s a story that we would like to share with you of an ex-heroin addict who graduated the Narconon drug rehabilitation program in Russia.

Leonid Narconon Russia Drug Rehab15 years ago he was addicted to herion, methadone and other drugs. He thought that he could cope with only using a little bit of heroin here and there. He eventually ended up at the bottom.

Heavy pains, nausea, terrible emotional pains and growing anxieties, accompanied him anytime he didn’t have his dose.

Multiple drug treatments at different rehabilitation programs failed and so he always ended up back on the street looking for the next fix.

He eventually could not afford the expensive heroin anymore and so moved on to using other synthetic drugs, which “literally turned me into a zombie”, he said. He lost all of his belongings and friends. He didn’t feel human anymore.

One night he was laying down and thinking about what he was going to do to find a way out of the situation he was in and how he could beat addiction and go back to his former good state of life without drugs.

LeonidHe found a way to contact his family and found help through these hard times. Rather accidentally he found out about a drug rehabilitation program called Narconon.

He thought, “I should try it. I have nothing to lose anyway.” So he did.

He didn’t think the Narconon drug rehabilitation center would work because the other rehabs didn’t work out very well. After arriving and being on the Narconon program for some time, he noticed that he was doing better and was surrounded by good people. He realized that the rehabilitation program was really working.

After completing the drug detoxification process, he noticed his addiction was gone. The toxins had left his body and he regained his life.

He ended up staying to work at the Narconon center and is now helping others get off drugs.

Even after 15 years he can say that he no longer has the desire to use drugs.

Leonid aired on TVSeveral years ago he spoke on the Ukrainian TV channel, which aired the story of his life and how he got rid of drug addiction.

You can see his interview and performance by Marina Gribanovo famous Ukrainian anti-drug lecturer on the Russian Narconon blog.

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