Narconon Arrowhead Drug Rehab Recreational Activities

Narconon Arrowhead recreational activitesThere are many different recreational activities at the Narconon Arrowhead Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program.

There is basketball, volley ball, tennis, wall ball, weight lifting, pool tables, board games, reading, walking and running.

Being able to be busy and staying extroverted is an excellent way to enhance your program and well being.


Success Story from Narconon Arrowhead

“I have gotten incredible wins out of the sauna.  Physically I feel amazing.  It’s the best I have ever felt in a long time.

I sleep throughout the night with no problems.  I can wake up in the morning right on time. My appearance is a whole lot better.  My skin is a lot softer and clearer.  The dark circles under my eyes are completely gone.

One thing I noticed was, and that was huge; the whites of my eyes are extremely white.  The “hazy” look is completely gone.  I am eating regularly and my energy levels are amazing.  I am more alert during the day and I am aware of things going on around me.

More importantly, I am more aware with what is going on with my body and mind.  I can mentally grasp things a lot better than I ever could.  I can retain a lot more information than I could before.

I am very excited that I am free of drugs toxins, which gives me a very positive outlook for my present and future without drugs.  I also noticed that I’m a lot more patient with people.  My mood is very good and I’m very happy.

I’m very pleased with what sauna has done for me and for my body.  I know my body is free of all toxins because I have stopped having any manifestations from toxins in my body.

I also know I’m free of toxins because physically and mentally I am back 100%.”



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