How Drugs Affect Your Sex Life

sex life

Believe it or not, but illicit drugs aren’t the only ones that can have a great impact on ones sex life. Many prescription drugs wreak havoc on the bodies sexual system. Statins and fibrates, which are used to treat high cholesterol, are a prime example. These drugs limit the availability of cholesterol, which happens to be a building block of hormones, such as estrogen, testosterone and other sex hormones. It is no doubt that these drugs interfere with the production of these hormones. There are other side effects that don’t affect sexual hormones or organs directly, but may impact ones sex life just the same.

For example, statins are also known to cause rhabdomyolysis, which is a breakdown of muscle tissue. This will lead to joint pain and fatigue, which could definitely affect ones sex life. Unfortunately, many people who suffer these side effects as a result of a certain prescriptions end up taking additional medications for incompetence as well, adding to the cycle of a someone who needs medications in order to perform, otherwise normal, bodily functions.

Effects Felt Long After Drug Use Is Stopped

New research has shown that men who take drugs are more likely to have performance issues in the bedroom, even years after they have stopped taking them. For this particular study, the sexual performance of 906 men was assessed. 550 of these men had been diagnosed with addiction to heroin, cocaine, marijuana or alcohol, but were not dependent at the time of the study. The rest of the men in the study had never taken drugs or alcohol in excess. Four areas of sexual performance were evaluated, including: sexual desire, satisfaction, arousal and orgasm. The results showed that drug users had moderately to significant impaired sexual performance, as opposed to those who hadn’t used drugs. Alcohol was found to have the most effect on erectile dysfunction, while heroin, cocaine, alcohol and speedball (a combination of cocaine and heroin) users had difficulty achieving orgasm.

How to Stop Sex Related Consequences from Drug Use

While the most obvious way to avoid the physical effects of drugs is to never take them in the first place, this may be easier said than done. Many people take drugs for medical reasons, and feel that there are no other options for them. The truth is that there is almost always an alternative and natural means of treatment for many illnesses such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. For many individuals who are suffering with these conditions, medication is the easy way out in order to avoid having to change their diet and lifestyle. Healthy changes in a person’s life, such as diet and exercise, will only improve the person’s life in every aspect. This includes their sex life. In the case that medication is absolutely necessary, it is always possible that it will not be needed forever, but rather just until the problem is under control. As for illicit drugs, it is obvious that one should stop taking them immediately or better yet; never use them in the first place.