Narconon Melbourne Drug Rehabilitation Center in Australia

Narconon Melbourne Drug RehabNarconon Melbourne is located in Warburton, Australia. Melbourne has been helping people get off drugs since 2001. Since then, hundreds of people have come to this center to get help with drug addiction.

Not only does Narconon Melbourne get people off drugs, but Melbourne also delivers drug education to the schools and people in their community to help prevent others from using drugs.


Here are a few success stories from some Narconon Melbourne Drug Rehab graduates.

“I came to Narconon eleven months ago, I was at a point in life where I wanted to no longer live. I had had enough and just didn’t want to go on. My journey here has been a rollercoaster. I have had many emotional days and just couldn’t work out the ‘whys’ to what was happening in my life but I stuck out the program and I will forever be in debt to Narconon and the fantastic staff. For people that didn’t know me, they knew me better than I knew myself. Many days I complained that they were trying to break me and didn’t know what they were talking about, but I was wrong. They know what they are teaching and I am now a better person, more confident and I owe it to all the staff for believing in me. A fantastic time here and I hope everyone can experience what I am right now. Thanks Narconon.”


“I am in a beautiful place surrounded by amazing people. I had a great birthday which I remember and will for time immemorial, because I spent it sober around true friends. I have started a job which I truly love and am on a path to a life I have always desired. My success is that I couldn’t ask for anything more in life and I couldn’t be any happier!!”


“I am a restaurateur. Being a waiter as my occupation, I enjoyed working with chefs and other waiters and waitresses as well as a social life with my patrons. As years went by I found myself having high cholesterol, partly causing by unhealthy food eating. So I have been told by my patrons that “red wine” may help lowering cholesterol. Since then I started drinking red wine and became habit, even my alcohol consuming kept increasingly. Eventually I became an alcoholic. I’ve been advised by my family members seeking for help with detoxifying rehabilitation. Luckily they sent me to Narconon for withdrawal. In here one part of the program I’m having is sauna which I recognized as the main key for my recovery. Surprisingly in my 13th day in sauna I discovered my face towel used for wiping sweat, that the “reddish colored look” stain appeared on my towel. I believed it is the residue of the “red wine”.

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