How Stephany Got Off Meth

Drinking Alcohol & Smoking Marijuana

From the Moment She Tried Drugs, She Started Using Everyday

S.B.’s first exposure to drugs was through her own mother. She was twelve and her mother was just 31 years old when her mother began giving her and her friends alcohol and marijuana. From the first moment she tried these drugs, she started using them every day.

It was a few years later that she discovered methamphetamine. After her first try, she knew she was going to get totally hooked so she got away from all the drugs by moving in with a relative. That helped her stay clean of drugs for a few years until she suffered a severe setback that changed everything.

For three years, she had held a job while getting herself through the remainder of high school but just before graduation, she was kicked out of school because her job was being a stripper. She had started working as a dancer because, as she put it, “My sister and her two kids had moved in with me and my boyfriend wasn’t working so [my job at] Sonic just wasn’t cutting it.”

She was crushed by the disappointment of not finishing school and called her friends to tell them that she was ready to get high. That was when she started using meth. It was easy to get the drug to use because her aunt and uncle in Northeastern Oklahoma were manufacturing meth or she drove to Mexico and brought it back with her.

She stopped eating and stayed up for days. She said that at one point she had been up for so long that a friend of hers found her walking down the street completely oblivious of her surroundings. He had to get out of his truck and shake her to wake her up.

She started missing important family events because she was high all the time. When she did see her family, they knew she was high because they had had their own drug problems but had gotten clean.

She Got Clean for 3 Years for Her Baby

When she got pregnant, she managed to get off the drug for nearly all of the pregnancy. In the middle of the pregnancy, she went to a drug rehab in Tulsa so she could stay clean until the baby was born and then stayed for months after the baby came. She found stability in going to church each week as well and her sobriety lasted for three years.

She Started Using Meth Again

But in November of 2009, that good period ended. From having a good life with her baby girl, she started using meth again. Home life became disruptive and she neglected her daughter’s needs.

Narconon Drug Rehab Center Help

When she found the Narconon drug rehab program, she found recovery to be easier and more thorough than any other time she’d tried it. The depression she’d suffered in her earlier attempts didn’t show up this time because of the techniques used by the staff to keep recovering addicts from focusing on the withdrawal. Instead, they kept her attention directed outward on the environment and the future. As she progressed through the steps of the program, she found that she was able to use what she was learning to be honest with herself and avoid even the thought of drug use.

Narconon Helped Her Get Her Life Back

The Narconon New Life Detoxification, the phase of the program that utilizes a low-heat sauna, exercise and vitamins to help a person flush out drug residues, provided her with a whole new level of energy. But this time the energy was generated just from health, not methamphetamine like had happened before. Her communication with her family also became easier to understand, according to the family members she spoke to. She began to make plans to get a new job, create a new drug-free life and bring her young daughter back from her mother’s house.

These results are simply what happens every day at the Narconon drug addiction treatment rehab. In fact, seven out of ten graduates stay clean after they go home.