Drug Rehab Narconon Arrowhead Facility

One of the top non-traditional treatment programs in the world. It is also the home to the Narconon International Training Center. This is where Narconon staff from around the world come to train and become educated in the Narconon Program drug rehab techniques and theory.

Narconon Arrowhead Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center is located in the center of beautiful Arrowhead State Park. The park is known for being well taken care of, clean, full of wild life such as deer, and is truly a enjoyable location for the Narconon facility and it’s clients. Located approximately 13 miles from the nearest town it is a beautiful and remote location that gives clients on the rehab program time to concentrate on their treatment and not the worries of city life.

You also have the changing of the seasons at Narconon Arrowhead. A beautiful time to be out doors and to really take in the beauty of ones surroundings. Taking a walk. Going for a jog. The clients of Narconon Arrowhead are able to get outside, enjoy the sun, and get an opportunity to extrovert from the stresses of their lives and their addiction.

The aerial view of Narconon Arrowhead drug and alcohol rehabilitation center gives a overall perspective of the grandness and beauty of this facility. On the shores of Lake Eufaula in Canadian, Oklahoma and nestled in the center of Arrowhead State park, this center is a stunning location that beacons to be enjoyed.

As part of the Narconon Arrowhead Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program one of the techniques applied is called as “Assist”. used to help relieve some of the discomfort and pain which a Narconon client may experience when going through the Withdrawal step. Assists may also be used in conjunction with medical treatment to address injuries or illnesses. Assists can greatly speed healing and recovery time. This technique is often found to bring great relief to the client.

Narconon Student’s Success Stories

When I first came into sauna I was sluggish and really just tired all the time. Now that I have done the sauna program that has all changed. I know that my body has gotten rid of all the toxins and now I feel like a new man. When I look in the mirror, I think Wow; I can see a tremendous difference in the health of my skin and body. I walk around with a smile on my face all day with a great attitude on life. My communication with others is also great. I talk with confidence of what I’m saying because my mind is so clear. When I wake up in the morning I am ready for the day and that hasn’t been the case in years. Now, I just have an overall better outlook on life. Also, my thought process has really improved. When someone asks a question I have an answer right away without the delay that has been plaguing me for years. CW

My major thing was dealing with my depression over my father’s death. I have been miserable over that for at least two years, but when my mind cleared I was able to appropriately grieve and move on. Then, I noticed my body inside and out feels clean. Before, I could take a shower and not feel completely clean. Now, I walk around and know I am clean. I know I have achieved my end phenomena in sauna because my outlook on the future is amazing. I live for each day instead of looking behind me. TP

I feel I have already gained a lot by coming to Narconon. I have met many people who have shared my same problems. By meeting these people, it woke me up inside and let me share their problems instead of blocking everyone out with drugs. My story with drug use began like everyone else. It helps me know I’m not alone. I can’t wait to call someone a year from now and tell them I have been drug-free for a year. It seems a long way off away right now, but I know it is just around the corner. MW