Recovery From Addiction Does Not Have to Be Infinite

There are some addiction rehab programs that require a commitment of years. When a person uses support groups for recovery, it may be necessary for that person to commit to years of frequent meetings. A therapeutic community may require years of residence for a person to fully develop sober living skills.

On the other hand, a short term program of 28 to 30 days is very often far too short a time to enable a person to rebuild a life that was destroyed by addiction. Perhaps a short term program should be followed by counseling or further service but if a person fails at sobriety as soon as he (or she) goes back to his life, he may not show up for any further service.

Recover from Drug Addiction

When a person who needs rehab chooses the Narconon program for recovery, there are no Narconon meetings to attend. The program consist of courses and excercises in which a person restores his or her life skills for sober living. They consist of periods of time spent in a low-heat sauna in a strict regimen of nutritional supplements on a detoxification program that flushes out old drug residues that can contribute to cravings, even years after drug use stops.

The Narconon program is unique, innovative and thorough. It is thorough enough that seven out of ten graduates stay sober after they go home. It just takes a commitment to do one’s best to get clean and sober, to honestly apply oneself to learning how to live a new, drug-free life. The Narconon staff will take it from here.

Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline

When a person has been abusing alcohol heavily for many years, it may be that they have to go through a medical detox before they can start the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. According to the National Institutes of Health, withdrawal sickness can start within one to a few days after drinking stops and may last for weeks. For most people, their detox will be over within one to two weeks. A few people, especially those in poor health, it may take longer.

When alcohol withdrawal is over, the person can then start the Narconon drug rehab program. This program usually requires three to five months although a few people take longer. Seven out of ten graduates stay sober after they go home, meaning the Narconon program has one of the best success rates in the field.

Loss of Life Skills

Everyone around an addicted person sees that he loses more life skills the longer he is addicted. He stops being able to communicate openly, he has secrets – things he does not want anyone to know. He has done things he would never have done were he not addicted. He has put his addiction before his family and his integrity. Bringing this person back to sobriety includes restoring his own personal integrity. The Narconon program has a workable process for helping bring this about.

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