Cocaine Has Destructive Physical Effects Over and Above the Potential to Create Addiction

Cocaine Causes Physical Effects

It’s well known that repeated use of cocaine can turn a person into an addict. What some people may not realize is that the drug itself has harsh physical effects. In fact, these effects can be so strenuous as to result in the prompt death of the user.

This potential was largely unknown until the 1986 death of Len Bias, a healthy young basketball player who had just been drafted by the Boston Celtics. Perhaps celebrating the accomplishment, Len was using cocaine with friends when he died suddenly from heart problems. Before this time, little was known about the stresses this strong stimulant places on the heart.

Any stimulant increases heart rate and body temperature. Cocaine abuse also constricts the blood vessels. This combination of faster-beating heart and constricted veins and arteries can place so much pressure on the heart that it can fail. This pressure can also lead to a stroke.

Preventing Physical Damage May Require Cocaine Addiction Rehab

If a person were to ingest cocaine, which sometimes is done, it can constrict the circulation in the intestines so much that gangrene forms in the abdomen. That’s how strong this drug is.

While not a dangerous effect, a chronic cocaine user who snorts the drug may suffer a severe erosion of the tissues in the nose, so much that holes form between the two sides. Drug rehab will not cause this damage to heal, only surgery will fix it. The reason the cocaine user does not notice this happening is because cocaine also acts as a local anesthetic. In fact, cocaine is used to numb eyes for surgery.

Cocaine addiction rehab at the earliest possible moment in cocaine abuse can prevent the worst of this damage. In addition, treatment can also save a person from the financial, moral and emotional destruction that often accompanies cocaine addiction. Like binge drinking, bingeing on cocaine can lead to the most serious effects.

Addicts to Cocaine and Other Drugs Find Sobriety at Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centers

The Narconon drug rehab centers around the world help addicts to cocaine and many other drugs find recovery. One of key features of the program is the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. Those seeking cocaine addiction rehab find that this step that uses time in a sauna, moderate exercise and an exact regimen of nutritional supplements helps them overcome the cravings for more cocaine. Since drug residues lodge in the fatty tissues of the body, they can remain there for years, contributing to cravings. When this program flushes out these stored toxins, the person in recovery feels brighter and often remarks on his increase in energy.

The Narconon program goes on to guide each recovering person through life skills training that supplies stability and the ability to make the right choices even in challenging situations.

Help With Cocaine Addiction

Learn more about how the Narconon drug rehabilitation program can help with cocaine addiction and how it provides relief from cravings and long term sobriety.