Preventing an Alcohol Poisoning Death through Alcohol Abuse Rehab

Help Quit Drinking

It may seem unlikely that a person could drink enough alcohol to actually result in their death. Not from car accident, not from a fall, but just from drinking. Perhaps since many people have had the experience of vomiting up alcohol after they have drunk too much, they may think that they are protected from serious effects.

If they thought that, the death of Amy Winehouse ought to convince anyone who needs convincing. After years of very public displays of drunkenness and drug intoxication punctuated with trips to alcohol abuse rehabs, Amy died in July 2011 of alcohol poisoning. Her blood alcohol level was five times the limit for driving.

Just the next month, the lead singer of the band Warrant, Jani Lane, died in California, also of alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol Suppresses the Body’s Ability to Breathe

When a person drinks a high volume of alcohol quickly, there’s two things that happen. First, the volume of alcohol that is absorbed by the person’s body begins to suppress the respiratory function. As the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the body rises, the person may black out. He may be breathing slowly and may feel cold to the touch. His heart may start beating irregularly. This is bad enough but there is another phase that can follow that can be deadly.

The second thing that happens is that the person’s body continues to absorb alcohol that might be in the stomach or intestines. So even though he has blacked out and is obviously not drinking any more, his BAC can continue to rise. If his friends do not take him to a hospital for care, he may vomit while unconscious and choke on the vomit, or he may simply stop breathing and die, if the BAC gets too high.

Alcohol Abuse Rehab Can Save a Person From this Danger

When a man or woman can’t control alcohol consumption, there is a danger that they can cause their own demise. A person addicted to alcohol does not have control over when he or she quits drinking. A treatment program that has proven to result in the recovery of an addict can be the key to that person’s rehabilitation. That is the result in seven out of ten cases from the Narconon drug rehab program.

Around the world, there are fifty Narconon centers helping drug and alcohol addicts build new, sober lives to replace the ones destroyed by alcohol. This inpatient, holistic program provides each person with the services they need to develop new life skills, to make sober decisions every day.

Alcohol Rehab Counselor

The Narconon alcohol abuse rehab solution includes a unique detoxification phase that enables each recovering addict to eliminate one of the contributing causes of cravings for more alcohol. Since drugs and alcohol tend to body to fat in the body, the toxins remaining after these drugs are consumed can lodge in fat deposits, helping to trigger cravings even years after drinking stops. By helping each person flush out all these toxins in a process that uses a low-heat sauna, nutritional supplements and moderate exercise, alcoholics can achieve a reduction in cravings and improvement of mood and thinking that enables them to further their recoveries. This is the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, a phase of the overall alcohol abuse rehab.

If someone needs help with alcohol abuse, call a Narconon alcohol rehab center to find out how the Narconon drug rehab can help.

It isn’t safe to drink alcohol while pregnant. Get help if needed.