Crack Cocaine Creates Urgent Need for Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Narconon Cocaine Rehab Help

Every drug that creates addiction has the potential to be highly destructive, but crack cocaine stands among the worst. According to the Medical University of South Carolina, the use of crack cocaine is often associated with more severe and frequent symptoms than cocaine use alone.

Paranoia occurs in two-thirds or more of crack users. Violence shows up in 55% of crack users and in some areas, 31% of homicide victims were killed by a crack cocaine user. Crack was also found to be present in a fifth of suicides.

Users usually develop a tolerance to this drug quickly which means that many will probably wind up “chasing” the euphoric high of early experiences. As more and more crack is used in an attempt to duplicate these early pleasures, there is a greater risk of incurring the severe mental disturbances associated with crack.

Cocaine Addiction Rehab Helps Crack Cocaine Addicts

Recovery is the same no matter what drug is used because the fundamental damage done to a person by addiction is fairly consistent. An addict loses self-respect and personal integrity because of the actions taken to obtain and use more drugs, and the lies told to those who might just want to help. Addicts often lose the ability to interact honestly with those around them and may not feel pleasure from anything but drug abuse. An addict’s environment is often foggy and dim due to the lasting effects of the drugs. These effects have to be undone if recovery is to be lasting. Simply covering them up with substitute medications will not return a person to life.

The Narconon Drug Rehab Program Provides New Hope and Life for Cocaine Use

When a family seeks cocaine addiction rehab for one who has lost control of a cocaine habit, Narconon drug rehab centers offer lasting recovery for those seeking cocaine addiction rehab.

Located in cities and country settings in fifty locations around the world, Narconon centers have been enabling seven out of ten graduates to achieve lasting sobriety for more than forty-five years. This includes those addicted to cocaine and crack.

Ending Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction rehab starts with a nutritionally-supported withdrawal phase that can help avoid the worst of cocaine withdrawal’s usual energy crash and depression. Each person then goes on to learn basic communication skills, which starts to return a person to healthy interaction with people and things around him.

Treatment continues with the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program that uses a sauna, moderate exercise and a strict nutritional regimen to flush out old drug toxins. As the toxic residues of crack or powder cocaine use (and from other drugs as well) lodge in the fatty tissues, this step helps remove the lingering effects of these drugs. The result is a brighter outlook and reduced cravings.

The next phase of rehabilitation in this cocaine addiction rehab activity is the restoration of sober living skills, which includes recovering one’s personal integrity and the ability to make sober living decisions.

Find out today how this long-term program can help someone you care about recover the ability to live a productive, enjoyable life. Get help with cocaine addiction today.