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Narconon Centers - Australia

On all coasts, Australians have been delivering Narconon drug prevention services for many years. We now have a full residential centers in Melbourne Australia, Taiwan and Nepal, and a non-residential center in Perth.

Narconon Melbourne

Narconon Melbourne rehab center

Drug Rehabilitation Center
1025 Woods Point Road
East Warburton 3795

Phone: 613 5966 8501
or 1-300 887676
Website: Drug Rehab Melbourne

Narconon Victoria

Drug Prevention
1-38 Great Ryrie Street
Ringwood, 3134
VIC, Australia

Phone: 613-9870-5140
Website: Drug Education Victoria

Narconon Centers - Asia

Narconon Taiwan

taiwan drug rehab center

Drug Rehabilitation Center
No. 3, Dong-Hai Second St
Ji-An Township, Hua-Lian County
Taiwan 973

Phone: 88638671369
Fax: 88638671147
Website: Narconon Taiwan
Website: Taiwan drug rehab

Narconon Nepal

nepal drug rehab center

Drug Rehabilitation Center
Pratigya Center
G.P.O. 1718

Hattigauda, Kathmandu

Phone: 977-9851037529
Website: Narconon Nepal rehab

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