Narconon Program History 2011

2011 was another terrific year for the Narconon program; Narconon expanded throughout its 45th year in operation. Accolades and proclamations continued to come in during 2011, for the Drug Rehabilitation and Drug Prevention work Narconon does throughout the world.

A small sample of the articles, events, awards and recognitions for Narconon from 2011:

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California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition

California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition - 2011](/history/2011/california-legislature-certificate-of-recognition.html) * [

Honorable Mention from Colombia National Armed Forces](/history/2011/honorable-mention-colombia-armed-forces.html) * [

Los Angeles Certificate of Recognition of Narconon

City of Los Angeles California - Certificate of Recognition for Narconon - 2011 - Signed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa](/history/2011/los-angeles-certificate-of-recognition.html) * [

City of Los Angeles Recognition of Narconon - 2011

City of Los Angeles California - Recognition of Narconon - 2011](/history/2011/los-angeles-recognition-of-narconon.html) * [

Recognition from Colombia National Armed Forces](/history/2011/recognition-colombia-national-armed-forces.html)