Narconon Vista Bay Recognized For Contribution to the Community

Narconon Vista Bay Recognized for Contribution to Community


City of Seaside

Narconon Vista Bay Center Watsonville, California

WHEREAS, the Narconon Program is a drug-free approach to rehabilitation, it does not use drugs to solve or mask the problems caused by substance abuse, instead it uses vitamins and nutritional supplements as an important component of its delivery. Thus, the program is neither a psychiatric nor medical, but a social education model of rehabilitation; and

WHEREAS, the program itself can be divided into two phases; the first is designed to rejuvenate and cleanse the body of toxins, the second educates the student on what may have led to the addiction and how to better handle or address these issues in the future before they become overwhelming; and

WHEREAS, the Narconon program takes four to six months, and some consider the program a “therapeutic community;” and

WHEREAS, Narconon Vista Bay opened its doors in October of 1992 in Bonny Doon. At that time, there were few clients and all promotion was done on a “grass roots word of mouth” level; and

WHEREAS, in January of 1999 they acquired their current facility located in the hills above Watsonville, on 35 acres of land overlooking the City and bay, this calm and soothing environment seemed to be the perfect location for one to begin recovery; and

WHEREAS, growth through the years has continued with a second center in Placerville, California and a third center opening in South Lake Tahoe in the spring of 2008.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Ralph Rubio, Mayor of the City of Seaside, on behalf of the City Council, do hereby recognize the contributions the Narconon Vista Bay Center has given to the local Watsonville community.


Ralph Rubio

February 8, 2008