Santa Cruz, CA Sheriff Supports Narconon Northern California

Sheriff Supports Narconon Northern CA Rehab

County of Santa Cruz Sheriff-Coroner

June 8, 2004

Narconon Northern California

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to let you know of my support for the staff of Narconon-Northern California. I have had various interactions with Narconon and have always walked away feeling that they have the highest degree of professionalism and a true concern for helping the people they serve as well as a vision for combating drug use and abuse in the community. While I am not an expert on drug treatment, I have had exposure to the outcome when drug abuse is not treated and have seen the epidemic of drug abuse and its effects on our youth. I administer the Sheriff’s Activity League, which is a charity organization to help prevent gangs, drugs and violence by youth by providing activities, mentorship and education. Narconon has graciously agreed to assist with this mission by providing a staff member to talk to youth about the impact of drug abuse on his life. This cooperative attitude and community spirit is the rule rather than the exception when interacting with Narconon and its staff.



Christine F. Swannack,
Sergeant South County Sheriff’s Center