Reverend Supports Narconon

Reverend Supports Narconon

Newport Beach, California

The Rev. Dr. George R. Crisp, Pastor

I am writing in support of the drug rehabilitation program Narconon. My experience with Narconon goes back about five years. Some of the residents in a nearby facility began coming to worship at Christ Church by the Sea here in Newport Beach, where I have been serving as pastor for nine years.

When some of the residents requested a pastoral call, I visited with them and was introduced to the Narconon program. I ate with the residents and toured the facility. In many ways, the community of young adults in the Narconon program reminded me of students in the Campus Crusade for Christ program that we have hosted at our church. Understandably, there are differences in these groups, but both seek to create a new and better way of living.

Everyone in the Narconon program spoke freely and shared with me about the benefits they were receiving as part of the program. Many of these students were taking responsibility for their lives for the first time, they were beginning to see relationships with family and genuine friends in a healthier light, and they were discovering that life has a spiritual dimension that they had previously ignored or left unexplored.

We have been pleased that some of the Narconon residents have joined with our church events, notably many of our church work days. Many projects would be left undone if it were not for these volunteers. Some even went with us to sing Christmas carols for our shut-ins last December. While I am aware that Narconon is not a Christian program, I have never found a restriction to an individual resident's desire to explore the Christian faith as part of their recovery process as the host church for three 12-step programs, and with recovering substance abusers in my congregation and in my family personally, I am convinced that a spiritually-based life is the "13th step."

I have been impressed with the commitment the Narconon program has to drub abuse education. They have also had a significant level of support from law enforcement agencies, and have received positive recognition from various communities in southern California.

My personal experience with Narconon residents, and their leaders, has been extremely positive. For those who have the "not in my back yard" syndrome, I say that I would rather have a recovering drug addict in my neighborhood than one who is using or dealing drugs.

Let me encourage you to support the addition of Narconon facilities in Los Angeles County.

Sincerely yours,
George R. Crisp

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