Pastor of Local Community Church Supports Narconon

Pastor of Local Community Church Supports Narconon

Oak Grove Community Church
Warner Springs, California

Dear: Supervisors & Commissioners

I thought being that Narconon's six month review is near that I would express a few of my thoughts. Being the local Pastor I hear quite a few local conversations and with the exception of a few grouches, people's opinions of Narconon are very positive. Talking with the local Community Club Members I've found that they can count on the people at Narconon at the drop of a hat for help with local programs and projects. This applies to the local Volunteer Fire Department as well as the Cooperative Program at the Warner Springs School. I spend time at Narcanon on a weekly basis and the quality of the staff running that Organization is in my opinion top notch. The young people at the facility are great and I say this not based on theory but time spent with them in a group and one on one. Narconon and its staff and students have been a breath of fresh air to this community and I would go to the line for them and their continued presence in this backcountry community.

William T. Langill jr.
Senior Pastor
Oak Grove Community Church

william benitez

William Benitez


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L. Ron Hubbard

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