Atlanta, Georgia Councilman Supports Narconon

Atlanta, Georgia Councilman Supports Narconon

Atlanta City Council

Jim Maddox

October 24, 2002

Narconon of Georgia

This letter comes as a letter of support for the Narconon of Georgia Drug & Alcohol Recovery Program that is hosting the upcoming "A Drug Free Day in Georgia Rally" to be held on Thursday, October 31, 2002, from noon to 2 p.m. in Woodruff Park.

I cannot think of an effort more worthy of support than this one because it is geared toward addressing the issues of drug addiction and committed to educating the public about this dreaded plague that threatens the well-being and the very lives of the men, women, and children of our community. I am honored and pleased to lend my wholehearted support to Narconon, and hope for every success for this program in the war on drug abuse.

Jim Maddox

william benitez

William Benitez


l ron hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard

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