Narconon Program History 2002

There was much expansion during 2002 for both the Narconon drug rehab program and the drug prevention program where hundreds of thousands of people received live presentations covering the truth about drugs and drug use.

Articles, commendations and accolades from 2002:

Atlanta City Councilman Jim Maddox supports Narconon](/history/2002/atlanta-ga-councilman-supports-narconon.html) * [

Congressman John Lewis Supports Narconon](/history/2002/congressman-supports-narconon-georgia-rehab.html) * [

Newsletter: Narconon “First Step” Around the World](/history/2002/first-step-around-the-world.html) * [

US Senator Max Cleland Expresses Support of Narconon Georgia](/history/2002/georgia-rehab-gets-support.html) * [

Newsletter: Narconon Visit to India and Pakistan](/history/2002/india-and-pakistan-visit-newsletter.html) * [

Clearwater, Florida proclamation - Narconon Day 2002](/history/2002/narconon-day-clearwater-florida.html) * [

Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Assocation recognizes Narconon](/history/2002/narconon-florida-rehab-recognized.html) * [

Narconon Eufaula Oklahoma Proclamation - 2002](/history/2002/narconon-oklahoma-proclamation.html) * [

Newport Beach, California Proclamation - 2002](/history/2002/newport-beach-california-proclamation.html)