Narconon Celebrity All-StarsFilm and television star Kirstie Alley; along with her "Cheers" co-star Woody Harrelson; Aaron Norris, director of "Delta Force 2"; actress Judy Norton-Taylor of "The Waltons"; and Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, were among the many celebrities who joined in the Narconon Celebrity Softball Game at Hollywood High School to promote a drug-free America.

Kirstie Alley said she did the Narconon Program 11 years ago and has remained drug-free ever since. Her film career took off after she completed the program.

"It's all well and good to become a soldier in the war on drugs, but you better have some heavy ammunition or you'll get yourself shot down," she said. "Narconon is the artillery needed to fight this battle and win."

Nancy CartwrightIndependent studies have shown that, of those that complete the program, Narconon has a 70% to 80% drug-free success rate. Narconon graduates are not left with the urge to revert back to drugs, nor do they need to be put on medication to keep them stable. Each graduate is brought back to life - confident, in control, and able to achieve their goals without the use of drugs.

Contributions raised from the ball game go toward delivering drug education in local communities. Last year alone, Narconon's community drug education program reached tens of thousands of people in schools, corporations, correctional institutions and civic groups.

"Narconon believes a person can make the right decision about drugs only if he or she has the true information," said John Duff, president of Narconon International. "Because of this, Narconon has campaigned vigorously for drug education since 1979. The concept of focusing on drug-free heroes as part of the fight against drugs was originally developed by Narconon and has since set international trends."

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Today, the Narconon drug education program has reach millions of kids around the world. For more of the Narconon history.

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