City of Long Beach California Proclamation of Narconon Celebrity All-Stars Day



SEPTEMBER 24, 1988

WHEREAS, the Narconon All-Stars is a group of celebrities dedicated to combatting "pro-drug" peer pressure among youth; and

WHEREAS, since 1979 these celebrities have come forward as positive examples of successful individuals who enjoy activities which do not involve drugs; and

WHEREAS, the Narconon All-Stars have become role models for youth, deterring drug abuse by offering alternate activities; and

WHEREAS, to achieve their goals, the Narconon All-Stars work with other community service organizations such as the Youth Advancement project which helps street youth and gang members become drug -free, educated and employed;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ERNIE KELL, Mayor of the City of Long Beach, proclaim September 24, 1988 as NARCONON CELEBRITY ALL-STARS DAY and encourage all our citizens to support our youth in their fight against drug abuse.


Dated: September 20, 1988

Long Beach Proclamation of Narconon Celebrity All-Stars

Today, the Narconon drug education program has reach millions of kids around the world. For more of the Narconon history.

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