Rock pianist stops using drugs

The Truth About Drugs Issue 1 - Narconon publication of 1984

Leaving a drug habit behind is not easy for anyone, but getting straight and staying that way has a lot of rewards.

Since 1965, Nicky Hopkins has been one of the world's premier rock pianists. In addition to recording eight albums with the Rolling Stones and touring with them, Nicky has recorded with such other superstars as The Beatles, The Who, Rod Stewart, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Kinks and many, many more.

"I began using drugs in 1968," explained Nicky in a recent interview.

"For a while it seemed that I had found the magic key to life. Over the years, however, my life and my music became increasingly damaged. I tried a few times to clean up, but with no success."

"Then I heard about and entered the Narconon Program. I wanted help and Narconon gave it. It's fast, it's thorough, and it works!" Today Nicky is enjoying great success in his profession and is busier and happier than ever.

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