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More than 4,000 fans cheered on June 2 as "Grizzly Adams" star Dan Haggerty tagged out the Unknown Comic at second base and jazz singer Gloria Rusch banged a single past TV comedian Roger Peltz. It was the opener of a 13-city celebrity softball tour produced by Narconon, a "Los Angeles-based international network of treatment and education centers, and co-sponsored by the Westchester Elks and the Torrance and Hawthorne Police Officers Associations.

Fans came to applaud their favorite performers in the Los Angeles suburb of Gardena and left with balloons, autographed albums, Narconon All Stars T-shirts and copies of "The Truth About Drugs" by Gene Chill and John Duff. They heard Carlos Palomino testify, "No drug in the world could get me higher than I was on hearing myself announced as the new welterweight champion of the world."

The game marked the third in a series of special events which is part of Narconon's national "Get America Off Drugs" Campaign. "This was the most star-studded drug education event of the year in Southern California," said Narconon President Gary Smith. "The Narconon All Stars met the Comedy Store Vets and everybody won."

"I believe in the cause" said Jeff Kaake of "Dynasty." "We have a good time with no drug inducement."

Drawing on a pool of 300 active celebrities, the line-up for the Stars in this opening game featured such movie notables as Gerald Berns ("Beverly Hills Cop"), Timothy Bottoms ("The last Picture Show") an Madolyn Smith ("Urban Cowboy," "2010") and such TV personalities as Nick Benedict ("The Young and the Restless"), Michael Fairman ("Cagney and Lacey") and Kipp Marcus ("Still the Beaver"). Among the musicians Wayne Nelson of the Little River Band, John Novello (keyboardist for Donna Summers) and Gary Puckett (of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap) played fast ball.

The Comedy Store Vets, captained by the comedy team Roger and Roger, starred Arsenio Hall (co-host of "Thicke of the Night"), hockey star Marcel Dionne and a group of headliners from Los Angeles' famed Comedy Store who count themselves among the friends of Narconon. The All Stars have been playing ball for six years against police groups, media and other celebrities.

"In 1979 Narconon started the idea of focusing on drug-free heroes to fight our country's number one enemy-drugs," Smith stated. "From efforts by the White House to the activities of national parents groups, it is now recognized that drug-free celebrities, combined with effective drug education programs, is one of the best approaches to depopularizing drugs among our youth."

The aims of Narconon's campaign, Smith added, are to educate Americans on the scope of drug abuse throughout the nation, to generate a well organized movement to address the problem and to offer cost effective alternatives to drug abuse. Narconon, which uses exclusively the breakthroughs in the field of drug rehabilitation and education developed by American researcher and author L. Ron Hubbard, is one of the most successful rehabilitation groups in the world.

"Our approach covers all three bases," Smith said. "These are a drug-free withdrawal or detoxification program after a full medical examination, the Purification Program to cleanse the body of any residual drugs and counseling and training to bridge the person over to a more productive life."

These programs, representing decades of research by Hubbard, have resulted in thousands of people being freed from drugs, Smith said.

"The Purification Program - supervised combination of sauna, vitamins and exercise - is the only known means of ridding the body of residues that remain in the fatty tissues years after one has come off drugs," Smith explained. "As such, it enhances all other drug rehabilitation programs."

Rusch ("48 Hours," "Rocky III") said the program improved her vitality: "You know how hard it is getting up in the morning? After the Purification Program, it's easy getting out of bed because I don't have all those residual toxins in my body, making it feel heavy."

Novell credited the Purification Program with enhancing his musical skills: "I became more mentally alert from getting rid of all the toxins. My concentration span increased, which is really important when you're in music, and I experienced a great surge in creativity. I also saved a lot of time and money by coming off drugs."

Narconon lecturers in the last six years have taught more than 250,000 youths, parents and professionals the merits of getting high on goals instead of drugs, said Smith. These lectures are given across the world - in the United States, Canada, Sweden, France. Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and New Zealand - and a new center is opening in Denmark.

For more information on getting high without drugs, contact Narconon at (213) 466-8413.

Celebrities Go to Bat to Get Youths Off Drugs

Today, the Narconon drug education program has reach millions of kids around the world. For more of the Narconon history.

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