Letter of Recommending Narconon from New London CT

City of New London, Connecticut

August 1, 1977

Mayor Kevin White
City Hall
Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Mayor White,

I am writing to express my personal viewpoint of the NARCONON drug rehabilitation program.

NARCONON is an international program and the City of New London is fortunate to have the NARCONON, CONNECTICUT office located here since 1972. The Connecticut program has proven itself to be an effective rehabilitation program serving New London residents. The City of New London has allocated funding for NARCONON over the past three years through Community Development funds.

Having recently lived and worked in Boston I am aware that there is a NARCONON program in your city. I personally hope that the City of Boston will encourage the growth of the NARCONON, BOSTON program.

Sincerely yours,
Margaret Mary Curtin
Deputy Mayor

CC: Mr. Frank Gens, Building Commissioner
Mr. Leon Brille, Division of Drug Rehabilitation

New London CT Mayor Recommnends Narconon to Mayor of Boston - 1977

Today, the Narconon drug education program has reach millions of kids around the world. For more of the Narconon history.

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