Doctor says Narconon Drug Rehab is Effective

Doctor says Narconon Drug Rehab is Effective

Palo Alto, California 94301

February 15, 1973


Narconon is an effective new approach in handling the problems of drug abuse.

A statistical study, with suitable control group, demonstrated that the program is 85% successful in preventing repeated drug use in addicts, at least for the 1-3 year period measured. Yet the program does not include the substitution of another drug nor does it require extensive commitment to a therapeutic community. It involves basic training in confronting the life problems which the person has sought drugs to avoid, and helps the individual deal with the causes of his drug use, not just the symptoms.

In my opinion, Narconon offers a sound, inexpensive and statistically proven approach to the drug abuse problem.

Yours truly,
Frank A. Gerbode, M.D.

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