Ex-Cons and Ex-Cops

Would You Believe Ex-Cons & Ex-Cops? The Narconon Program

El Saguaro
Florence, Arizona
Golden West's Best Penal Paper

May 12, 1970

Picture Caption:

Back row, left to right: Pat Price - Former Police Commissioner of Burbank. California; Dell Orr - Narconon Graduate; Rev. Arthur Maren - Scientology Guardian of Western U.S.; John Melton - Narconon Graduate & Public Relations Officer for Arizona; Jack Sellner - Narconon Graduate & Narconon State Administrator for Arizona; Ramon Wooten - Narconon Graduate. Front row: Garfield Nish - Narconon Graduate; Jim Amind - Narconon Graduate; Bob Patton - Narconon Graduate; Gordon Weinand - Narconon Graduate; Willie Bustamonte - Narconon Graduate & P.R.O. Officer for California and Rev. John Elliott - Assistant Guardian for Hawaii and ex-policeman.

No, its not the Dirty Dozen!! In fact, its the "Clean Dozen". Pictured above are 9 ex-cons, 2 ex-cops, and one groovy "free-worlder", and they are all in the same space, at the same time, and those smiles aren't phony. The ex-cons represent a partial number of successful Narconon graduates from ASP. Perhaps you may recognize a few of them, but the odds are that you will never see them again in here. The facts are that 82 percent of all Narconon graduates' never have returned to these "walls": As for the two ex-cops in the picture, they gave up the "policeman game" in favor of constructive participation in Narconon. Rev. John Elliott is currently the sponsor of the Narconon Program in Hawaii State Prison. Mr. Pat Price is a former police commissioner who is now working with Scientology in California and is active in drug abuse rehabilitation. The other "free world" person in the picture is the Rev. Arthur Maren, who is Scientology's Guardian of the Western United States. He is a very groovy, active person who is helping in getting Narconon in other prisons. All three of these men have been here at ASP to visit and speak with Narconon groups.

Do you wonder what Narconon "has" that it can assist Cons and Cops in finding a better way of life? Our suggestion is that unless you dig the idea of doing "life on the installment plan", take a deeper look into yourself and the Narconon program. It is convicts helping convicts by using a proven, workable system. You don't have to have a drug problem to join, just a desire to better your own understanding. Find out what it is all about by stopping at the Narconon Office and getting your name on the Friday night memo.

By Paul Simon, Narconon P.R.O.

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