El Saguaro Golden West Penal Newspaper Features Narconon

El Saguaro Newspaper Clip Features Narconon

El Saguaro Newspaper Features Narconon

El Saguaro
Golden West's Best Penal Newspaper

June 1, 1967

Founder William Benitez

William C. Benitez, holding Founder's Plaque presented to him by inmate members. Looking on is the groups Sponsor, Mr. John L. Russell, and guest of honor, Mr. Peter Greene Professional Scientologist.

New posts have been installed for both groups. The new appointments are: Main Yard Narconon-Danny Dorosky, Vice-Chairman; Charles Johnson, Activity Recorder and Librarian; Steve Williams, Narconon Staff Artist; I.E.R.Narconon-Joe DeSanti, Vice-Chairman; Larry Hastings, Activity Recorder and Librarian.

IER, Institute for Education and Rehabilitation
Joseph De Santi

IER Narconon is ASP's (Arizona State Prison's) second Narconon group and is represented by addict and non-addict members. It originated on September 12, 1966.

(Note: The second Narconon program was located within the "Annex" section connected to the main walls of the prison. It handled first time offenders and men under the age of 25.)

For full support of IER Narconon our acknowledgements go to: IER Captain, R.C. Ward
Directors of Education, Mr. Jack Dillard & Mr. Jerry Thompson
Founder of Narconon, Inmate, William C. Benitez
Sponsor of Narconon, Mr. John L. Russell
Doctor of Scientology, Mr. Peter Greene

william benitez

William Benitez


l ron hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard

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