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Drug Abuse Treatment

Life Changing Treatment

Right at this moment, around the world, there are tens of millions of people suffering from the compulsion to abuse drugs. Opiates and stimulants like amphetamines and methamphetamine have international trafficking channels that leave few corners of the world untouched. Cocaine makes its way from South America to all corners of North America, Australia, Asia and now to Europe by way of West Africa.

Drug traffickers and dealers have no compunctions about acquiring new customers. But for every new steady customer they get, a family loses a valued member, a spouse loses a mate and children may lose a caring parent. Addicts may not always lose their lives but they definitely lose the best things they had before they got addicted. These losses include self-respect, position in a company or community, friends, wealth, personal integrity and much, much more.

Some drugs are so destructive that the addicts fall far. From successful businessperson to living under a bridge in London, Moscow, Seattle or Kabul--drug abuse can steal everything. It's only the drugs themselves that keep the pain of loss away, but that's relief that can and does kill. A stronger-than-usual dose of heroin, too many pain pills snorted too quickly, a cocaine-weakened heart that gives away to yet another dose of the strong stimulant, a mix of ecstasy and alcohol with heroin following later--any of these can kill.

Drug Treatment at Narconon

Drug abuse treatment can restore a person to life. By getting back the bright viewpoint of life that preceded drug use, a person who receives effective drug abuse treatment can rebuild relationships and dreams once again. This is what happens to those who graduate from the Narconon drug abuse treatment program.

This long-term program has been helping addicts recover from addiction for more than forty years. It doesn't matter what the drug of abuse is, this is where addicts recover the self-esteem and personal integrity that were lost and where life takes back on the brightness it had before addiction started. The Narconon drug abuse treatment program is a long-term holistic program, meaning that it addresses the whole person. Why did the person start using drugs in the first place? How can those cravings be overcome? What will lift the depression so commonly experienced by addicts? Each of these aspects of addiction can be addressed and the barriers to sobriety can be overcome.

Every time a Narconon graduate returns home sober and able to make drug-free decisions that will keep him or her clean for good, everyone wins. The individual, the family and the community all benefit.

Lasting Sobriety Awaits

The staff of Narconon centers around the world take great pride in being able to help those who need drug abuse treatment return to the land of the living. Narconon centers are located around the world, in Africa and Australia, across the US and Europe and locations in Canada, South America, Mexico and Nepal. Recovery can be close at hand for you or someone you care about. For information on where you can find recovery using the Narconon drug rehab program, contact the international headquarters of Narconon at 800-775-8750 today.

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