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Cocaine Treatment

The treatment of addiction to cocaine is best done in a residential facility that enables the recovering addict to focus just on his or her recovery. If the facility is also a distance from home (and dealers, places where drugs were used and problems that triggered drug cravings), this can also enhance the recovery process.

The Initial Step

Cocaine withdrawal does not have the same excruciating symptoms of opiate or alcohol withdrawal but it is troublesome all the same. Strong cravings for the drug and the depression that often sets in mean that a recovering cocaine addict must have close monitoring and one-on-one support to get him or her through this time period.

This close monitoring and support is just how cocaine withdrawal is handled at a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Full Recovery from Cocaine Addiction

To start, each person that comes in for cocaine treatment is supplied with abundant nutritional support that helps alleviate some of these symptoms that are really caused by nutritional depletion. Good nutrition right from the start can help lift the cocaine-withdrawal depression. One-on-one orientation exercises, escorted walks and physical assists help calm the mind, body and cravings.

With a closely supported withdrawal done, the recovering addict is ready for the next phase of rehabilitation. At Narconon drug recovery centers, one of the next actions is a sauna detoxification called the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program.

Here again, nutritional supplements play a role in enabling the body to flush out old, stored drug toxins. Along with a dry-heat sauna and gentle exercise, each person at a Narconon center for cocaine treatment flushes out cocaine residues that are involved in cravings, loss of focus, foggy thinking and loss of motivation.

a person can now think clearlyWith these residues removed from the body, the recovering addict will not only think clearer and feel brighter, but they are also much less prone to drug cravings. They can now approach the life skills training portion of his or her recovery with more energy and interest.

Gaining New Life Skills

The life skills aspect of cocaine treatment enables the recovering person to restore his or her values and integrity, no mean feat after years or decades of substance abuse. With Narconon staff help, each participant studies guidelines for recovering self-esteem or restoring relationships that were destroyed by addiction, or setting goals. Then they have time to apply these principles to their new, drug-free life.

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Making the Choice for Cocaine Treatment

Cocaine treatment can be successful and result in a fully drug-free life. It doesn't have to take years of meetings or continuing medication. It can be accomplished in just a few months at the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers located on six continents. Whether the drug of choice was alcohol, cocaine, or any other illicit or abused prescription drug, recovery is possible, demonstrated by the fact that seven out of ten Narconon graduates stay clean and sober after they return home.

For information on how you can save the life of someone who is addicted to cocaine, call Narconon today.


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How Harmful is Cocaine?

Cocaine seldom kills due to overdose like heroin or prescription opiates do. That's because it is a stimulant rather than a drug that depresses respiratory function to the point of death. But as a stimulant, it can and it does kill by overstressing the heart. Cocaine users are at increased risk for heart disease and arterial damage and suffer damage to respiratory organs. Users of powder cocaine also can (and do) throw away entire fortunes on the drug and wind up unable to quit using it even if they want to.

The trafficking of cocaine is surrounded by an aura of violence and destruction from start to finish. From the Andes to North America, from Venezuela to West Africa and on to Europe, the trafficking lanes for cocaine are fiercely guarded with ruthless violence. In US inner cities, crack cocaine also breeds turf violence and other crime. According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the highest murder rates in the world lie along key cocaine trafficking routes.


While cocaine use in the US has fallen off slightly in the last few years, cocaine abuse in Australia doubled between 2003 and 2010, and it doubled as well in the UK, going from 1.3 percent of the population using the drug to 2.6 percent in ten years. Use has also increased close to the growing fields, in the southern part of South America, referred to as the Southern Cone.

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