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Alternative Treatment Provider

In the field of addiction treatment, there are some drug and alcohol recovery programs that call themselves alternative treatment providers. What does this mean?

In general, it means that they take a different approach to addiction recovery. Conventional treatment providers may utilize support meetings or prescription drugs to treat addiction. The addicted person may be considered to have a disease that requires treatment and may be given anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications as part of the therapy. There may be meetings with psychiatrists and psychiatric diagnoses.

Alternative Treatment Providers Use More Holistic Methods

Alternative treatment providers often use more holistic, health-building methods of achieving freedom from addiction. There may be services that address the reason a person started using drugs in the first place and others that help the recovering person mend the shattered parts of his or her life. The ideal result of an alternative treatment provider's service is true, lasting sober recovery.

This is the approach of the Narconon drug and alcohol recovery programs around the world. On six continents, addicts desperately hoping for lasting recovery have found that the Narconon program breaks the bonds of addiction that other services could not. How does this alternative treatment provider bring about this result?

By using the discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard. This American author and humanitarian researched ways to help people recover from painful incidents and losses and many of these discoveries turned out to also help addicts recover from addiction. The guilt of wrong deeds, the depression that results from withdrawal from these drugs or alcohol, the cravings that won't quit - these all respond to Mr. Hubbard's research and discoveries.

Recovery starts the first hour the recovering person walks into a Narconon center. The first stop is the Withdrawal Unit where the recovering person will get nutritional supplements that support the body and mood while the detoxification begins. Gentle reorientation exercises and physical assists help calm the body, mind and spirit.

What follows is a thorough path of learning life skills and repairing relationships and damages. Each person learns how addiction wreaks havoc and how that havoc can be undone. This is followed by practice in life and watching relationships recover and self-esteem return.

Drug Cravings are Reduced through the Detoxification Program

Cravings are greatly reduced with a thorough, healthy detoxification program, another development by Mr. Hubbard. He learned that a low-heat sauna, exercise and a specific regimen of nutritional supplements enabled the body to flush out old stored toxins, which resulted in clearer thinking. Those completing the program report greatly reduced or even eliminated cravings.

A complete array of life skills are achieved through Narconon objectives and training courses which bring a person to a state where they can make drug-free paths for themselves after graduation. The success of this approach is proven by the success rate: seven out of ten graduates stay clean and sober after they go home.

When you are seeking an alternative treatment provider, contact the international offices of Narconon to locate the center nearest you. You can find the recovery you are looking for. Don't wait for addiction to get worse, call today at the phone number above.

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