Drug Rehab for Malmo, Sweden

While Sweden is known as one of the safest countries in the world, Malmo on the west coast and adjacent to Copenhagen, has a reputation as a rough and tumble city. In 2000, a long bridge connected Malmo and Denmark, and the city became the eastern end of a frequently-used trafficking route. Alcohol, drugs and guns were moved back and forth along this route. As a result, shooting deaths became more common in Malmo.

To help with the difficulties in this region, Narconon Eslov was established not far from Malmo. In this clean, airy facility, those who escaped from the pain of life by becoming addicted can find lasting recovery.

Many Coming to Narconon Have Been to Other Rehabs

It’s very common for those arriving at Narconon Eslov to have been to other rehabs first. In fact, it is the norm. Some people have been through the methadone maintenance treatment that is available in Sweden. While methadone maintenance may reduce crime, it does not enable a person to regain the brightness of a drugless life. They do not learn how to keep themselves sober, how to make those correct decisions at the critical moments that create a healthy, productive life. But this is what the Narconon program does and has been doing for more than 45 years.

The Narconon program starts with a drugless withdrawal process. But this is not a withdrawal that should be dreaded. There are many techniques and ways of helping that make this withdrawal possibly the most tolerable one an addicted person will ever experience. The first is generous doses of nutrition. These calm the body and start building up the body’s strength. After all, addicts normally do not take care of themselves and their own health. As these nutrients flood through the body, the deficiencies start being remedied. The person’s aches and pains begin to diminish, muscle cramps lessen, and the person’s attitude in most cases begins to lift.

This is just the beginning of a totally innovative way of dealing with addiction. It’s based on thoroughly addressing the reasons a person is trapped in addiction. These factors are like chains holding the person down. Once they are snapped, a person is free to chose sobriety and then learn the specific life skills needed to make it last.

The Three Factors

These three factors, discovered over these decades of helping people achieve sobriety, are guilt, cravings and depression. All three are common to every person who has spent any time addicted.

Depression often shows the first signs of lifting in the withdrawal stage of recovery, as a person soaks up the nutrition and gets the idea that this time, these people helping him know what they are doing. He (or she) may realize right here that this time it could be different if he applies himself to his recovery. This improvement may give a person more hope than he may have gotten throughout earlier drug rehabilitation experiences.

Cravings yield for many people after they complete the Narconon New Life Detoxification, one phase of the overall rehab program. This uses the very familiar dry-heat sauna along with more nutritional supplements and moderate daily exercise. With the strict nutritional regimen recommended for this program, the result is a flushing out of old, stored drug toxins. As the toxins leave, one’s outlook brightens, thinking clears and that’s when many people also say their cravings yield.

Guilt is eased as a person learns how he lost his own personal integrity and learn also how he can rebuild it. Many people begin to repair relationships with those they left behind as they learn to deal with their guilt and accept more responsibility.

Narconon Eslov is Available to Help

If you are struggling to help an addicted loved ones, Narconon can help. Addiction is one of the most difficult problems to overcome on your own. A few people do manage but most people need the help of a proven, successful program.

Contact Narconon today to find out how this program can help you or someone you care about, replacing addiction with lasting sobriety.