Drug Rehab for Moscow, Russia

Russia has had severe drug addiction problems for many years, and those problems center around Moscow. There is a higher proportion of addicts in Moscow than the rest of Russia, and many of the drugs coming into the country arrive in Moscow or St. Petersburg before being distributed to the outlying regions. Moscow’s biggest problem has been heroin but this problem has been joined by a new one: krokodil. It’s an incredibly corrosive homemade drug that rots one’s flesh right off the bones.

When a Muscovite is a heroin addict, his (or her) life expectancy is three to seven years. A krokodil addict has a life expectancy of only two to four years. Many thousands of Muscovites are at risk for illness and death unless effective rehabilitation is made available to them. The Narconon drug rehabilitation program is close by to provide this service. There are eleven Narconon centers in Russia that provide either rehabilitation or prevention services. Three of them are in Moscow or the immediate vicinity. Narconon rehab programs have a remarkable rate of success: seven out of ten graduates from the program remain sober after they go home. This is one of the best success rates in this field.

Krokodil is a New Killer of Addicts

The use of krokodil in Russia is only a few years old. It’s made at home by cooking codeine pain pills (purchased over the counter as headache medicine) with iodine and other chemicals. The final result is injected. The resulting high is similar to that of heroin at one-tenth the price. But the physical toll is astronomical. The flesh around the injection site abscesses and decays. Flesh and muscle may fall off in strips. Any weaknesses or illnesses are accentuated. And of course, there are the diseases transmitted by shared needles to consider: Hepatitis C and HIV.

Before a person can lose everything to addiction, the Narconon rehab program can help a person leave addiction behind and build a new, sober life in which they do not face this danger. When addiction hits hard, it takes time for a person to be drawn from the dark back into the light of a productive, enjoyable life. The Narconon program has no time limit. Each person takes as long as needed to work through the repairs that are needed. Personal integrity, morals, ethics, self-respect–these are all damaged or destroyed by addiction and must be restored. An addicted person in recovery must also learn how to make the right decisions that maintain that sober life, even when challenges are faced.

The Narconon program has eight phases that address each of these needs. A deep drug detoxification helps bring health and mental clarity back by flushing out toxic residues locked deep in the fatty tissues. An innovative counseling program pairs up recovering addicts and enables them to practice steps that bring the present environment into sharper focus. This step repairs the foggy perceptions that result from heavy drug use.

With a brighter outlook, the person in recovery is then ready to start repairing the relationships that were damaged - including his own relationship with himself. As this repair progresses, self-respect returns and trust begins to be built anew.

The final step is the teaching of a common-sense moral code to guide future actions. This acts as a compass to help each person avoid the pitfalls that could lead them back into addiction. Each person is then helped to plan their return to a sober life outside of the rehab walls.

Narconon rehab services around Moscow can help you save the life of someone you care about. Find out more about this innovative program today.