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Narconon Stemming the Tide of Addiction in Nevada

Narconon Nevada Rehab

With illicit drugs widely available, there is no doubt that the only hope is an effective drug rehab for Nevada that can provide lasting sobriety. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Caliente provides just this effective solution to addicts throughout Nevada, giving them a real chance at a new life without drugs. This successful program gives an addict the workable solution to addiction, one that addresses all the essential aspects of mental and physical dependency.

Narconon Nevada is a residential treatment facility not far from Las Vegas where a holistic approach to addiction provides a high 70% success rate in achieving lasting recovery. This program is the same effective program delivered in the fifty Narconon centers the world over.

Narconon Nevada Saves Addicted Lives Every Day

Life Without Drugs

In Caliente, Narconon serves as the ideal spot for an addict to achieve lasting sobriety. In a picturesque spot in Rainbow Canyon, the person recovering from long-term drug or alcohol abuse will have a peaceful place away from the many temptations that previously fed his or her destructive habits. With a 70% success rate at achieving lasting recovery, Narconon is the top choice in drug rehabs.

The first step when an addict arrives at the Narconon center is to get him or her through withdrawal. The drugless withdrawal here is made more tolerable through the use of nutritional support and one-on-one work with experienced staff. The trained and caring staff provide careful monitoring of each recovering addict to ensure he is as comfortable as possible. Relaxation and reorientation processes are administered which ease the discomforts and help the person better relate to his new, drug-free surroundings.

Once withdrawal is complete, the participant will learn important and basic communication skills.

These exercises assist him in becoming more in control of his environment and attitudes and allow him to move through the program more effectively.

The Narconon Program includes Detoxification that Eliminates Stored Toxins

Drug Residues

Drug residues linger on in the body long after drug use has ceased. These residual drugs cause a number of problems for a person recovering from long-term drug abuse, including foggy thinking and irrational behavior. Drug residues are known to be involved in the triggering of drug cravings which can lead to relapse. The innovative Narconon New Life Detoxification flushes out these poisons by using a strict regimen of nutritional supplements, moderate exercise and time in a low heat sauna. Once these toxic residues are gone, the recovering addict feels much brighter, with a clearer mind and body. Many who have gone through this phase say that their drug cravings have disappeared.

Repairing and Rebuilding Damaged Areas of an Addict’s Life

Life Skills

When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, his life goes through much turmoil. Relationships are destroyed, jobs are lost and the addict loses his self-esteem and integrity. Narconon provides a way to repair this damage and rebuild a drug-free life. With the Narconon Life Skills Courses, the recovering addict learns key tools and applicable knowledge that he can use on a daily basis to maintain a sober life. He is taught how to deal with the twists and turns life throws at him without turning to drugs or drink to avoid his problems or to escape the stresses he faces.

The Personal Values and Integrity Course shows the student how to restore his integrity and self-respect. The Way to Happiness Course provides him with twenty-one common sense concepts which help steer him in the right direction. There are also four other courses that address different factors so the participant will be prepared to live a life without drugs and have the chance for a fulfilling and rewarding future.

Drug Addiction Requires Intense and Immediate Action

Drug Life

Although Louisiana has recently been topping the list of most dangerous US states, Nevada was maintaining the number one spot for some time and has not dropped below third place. This certainly highlights how important it is to reduce addiction, as drug-related crime and violence is abundant. According to reports, in Las Vegas alone there were more drugs found in just one month of this year than in the entirety of the last year. In this month, law enforcement seized thirty pounds of methamphetamine, twenty-two pounds of cocaine, nine pounds of heroin and twenty-four pounds of marijuana.

Interstate 15, Interstate 80 and many state highways lead into Nevada providing routes for drug traffickers to transport and distribute illicit drugs. These are corridors which drug cartels and criminal organizations use as pipelines to feed addiction, moving drugs from Southern California and Mexico to Nevada cities.

Recently a truck was stopped on I-15 which was carrying 452 pounds of cocaine, making this drug bust one of the largest in the state. Drug trafficking organizations seem to operate freely in gambling cities where the demand for illegal drugs runs high. In Las Vegas not long ago, one drug ring was busted and millions of dollars in methamphetamine and heroin were seized. Eleven people were arrested, one of whom was a juvenile.

There is no question that it is imperative to find an effective drug rehab for Nevada that can provide lasting recovery and a freedom from drug abuse. An addict needs to be proofed against relapse too, as with so many drugs available, the chance of relapse is increased proportionately. Narconon Nevada serves the entire state to provide treatment for addiction that also addresses the factors that can lead to relapse, thus giving an addict the chance to truly leave drugs behind for good.

The wave of drug addiction and abuse sweeps through our cities and towns, invades our schools, homes and businesses. Drug dealers and cartels create, feed and support addiction with no regard to race, religion, social standing or creed. An addict finds his life torn apart, family relationships destroyed and friends turning their backs on him. Communities are devastated by drug-related crime and violence.

Bringing Lasting Sobriety to the Addicts in Nevada

An addict requires effective assistance in leaving drugs behind, and he needs tools to help him maintain a sober life. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a nightmare and to wake from this nightmare, an effective and workable program is desperately needed. Narconon gives an addict the chance to lead a happy, productive and drug-free life. Call Narconon today!

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