Drug Rehab for Tampa Florida

Prescription Drug “Hurricane” Boosts Tampa’s Need for Drug Rehab

Many say Tampa, Florida is in the “hurricane’s eye” of the current epidemic of prescription drug abuse. Despite attempts by legislators to bring the problem of “pill mills” under control, Tampa is still a destination for many who want to illicitly obtain prescription drugs. This results in increasing rates of addiction and even death from prescription drugs.

Add to this addiction to the usual illicit drugs like cocaine and heroin and you have a serious need for effective rehab. Many families choose a drugless recovery program for themselves or for a loved one. Since a sober life is what is wanted, it makes sense to choose sobriety right from the start.

Narconon offers a premier addiction recovery program that succeeds without drugs being used as part of treatment. There are other tools used, like the nutritional support and one-on-one work with the staff that makes withdrawal tolerable without medications.

Narconon detoxification helps people regain a productive life without intense cravings

During the innovative Narconon New Life Detoxification, those in recovery use nutritional supplements, moderate exercise and time in a low-heat sauna to reduce cravings and restore clear thinking. This step enables a person’s body to flush out the residual toxins that remain behind after drugs or alcohol are abused. Even years after drug use stops, toxins that lodged in the fatty tissue can be involved in triggering cravings. When they have been flushed out, the person not only feels better and brighter but will often say cravings are greatly reduced.

But that is not the end of the recovery program at Narconon. Each person must be proofed against the factors that led the person to start using drugs in the first place. For example, it can happen that someone in the past influenced the now-recovering person to use drugs, even when he or she had decided to stop. The Narconon Ups and Downs in Life Course helps a person understand what is really happening in this situation and how to avoid being harmed by such people.

When this and other life skills have been restored or rebuilt along with one’s personal integrity and the trust of one’s fellows, then a person is much better equipped to weather the stresses of life without reaching for a drink, a joint or a pill. He or she has a much better chance of finding lasting sobriety as a result.

Tampa’s drug supply and addiction problem is intense

The problem is sufficiently severe to warrant Hillsborough County being included in the Central Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. In this area that extends from Pinellas to Volusia County, deaths from prescription drug abuse increased 2.5 times between 2005 and 2009 to 3,041. In 2009, five times as many people died from prescription drug abuse as from cocaine and heroin combined.

That would be bad enough on its own, but supplies of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana have not slacked off. In fact, Tampa is increasingly being used for indoor marijuana grows, often by Cuban drug trafficking organizations.

Out of this city of 336,000 population, there may be as many as 23,000 people who need drug rehab in Tampa for either illicit drug or prescription drug abuse or alcoholism. This means thousands of families are seeking drug rehab in Tampa so they can help a loved one who may be in danger of arrest or overdose.

While there are twenty-four drug rehabs in Tampa, it is important to know what a rehab focuses on. Many of these rehabs specialize in offering substitute drugs like methadone or buprenorphine. Or they may specialize in treating addicts with mental health issues, which is likely to mean that any difficulties like anxiety or depression ? which can very often simply be symptoms related to addiction ? may just be covered up with other drugs.

For Tampa residents, there are two Narconon centers within easy reach: Narconon Florida drug rehab in Clearwater and Suncoast Rehabilitation Center in Spring Hill. Find out how Narconon can help someone you care about who is struggling with addiction. Contact a Narconon drug rehabilitation counselor today.