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Why is it so hard to recover from addiction?

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An addicted person suffers from intense physical cravings and a psychological dependence on the drug he (or she) is addicted to. Once enough of the drug is abused for long enough, the body will demand more of the drug and suffer cramps, sickness and pain if the drug is not supplied. And a person becomes used to blocking feelings of guilt, depression, anxiety or pain by relying on drugs to make them go away. For a person to fully recover, he must have an effective method of solving both the physical cravings and the psychological dependence. The Narconon drug rehab program has features that address both these factors.

How long does it take to recover from addiction?

Despite the fact that many drug rehab programs only last thirty days or so, it takes longer than that to find stable recovery from addiction. Most people complete the Narconon drug rehab program in three to five months. A few people take longer. The price of the program is the same for a person who takes longer. The important thing is that a person is prepared to return home and maintain his sobriety, not how long it takes.

How can withdrawal be made more tolerable?

Tolerable Withdrawal

The idea of going through a stressful withdrawal can keep some people from trying to achieve sobriety but it can be tolerable with the right support. First, a person entering a Narconon Withdrawal Unit is given generous nutritional supplements that help calm the spasms and pain of withdrawal. An addicted person is normally nutritionally depleted due to the poor lifestyle of an addict and nutrition begins to build the body back up. Gentle assists, somewhat like light massages, help soothe anxieties and tension. Re-orientation exercises help a person begin to look ahead toward recovery. Most people say that it is the most tolerable withdrawal they have ever been through.

Is there any way to reduce or eliminate cravings?

Yes, there is. The Narconon drug rehab program includes the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program as one of its steps. On this step, each person exercises moderately each day, follows a strict schedule of nutritional supplementation and spends time in a sauna. This combination activates the body's ability to flush out old drug toxins that have become lodged in fatty tissues. These toxins have proven to affect mood, outlook and cravings. After completion of this step, most people remark on their improved mood and lower cravings. Some people even say their cravings are gone.

My loved one was hanging with a bad crowd before he became addicted. Will he ever understand that this was part of his problem?

Drug Influence

One of the phases of the Narconon drug rehab program addresses this specific point. Each person learns how some people wish one well and others definitely wish one harm. Associating with those who wish one harm often results in disaster and many people who become addicted trace back the start of that addiction to such a person. Learning how to identify these people and how to deal with them once they are spotted is an essential part of one's recovery.

After years of being so dishonest and manipulative, can an addicted person ever go back to the way he/she was before?

As a person works their way through the Life Skills portion of the Narconon drug rehab program, he will go through a series of courses that help him recover his own basic honesty. He will learn how personal integrity is lost and how he can recover it again. He then uses this knowledge to confront the harm he has done in the past. Many people talk about a "weight being lifted" from their shoulders as they complete this step. This frees them to learn how to be more successful when dealing with life situations, becoming able to turn an adverse situation into a good one. This skill means that each person learns that he does not have to escape from problems, he can fix them. Finally, the person in recovery studies and applies The Way to Happiness, a non-denominational moral code. Here he learns twenty-one guidelines for living a moral, happy life. These steps, all together, help a person leave that manipulative personality far behind and return to the loving person they were before the drugs took control.

An addicted person seems so out of touch with reality. Can this be repaired?

Drug Addiction Habit

There are several tools a person learns on the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that enable him to improve his perception and communication. First, there is a series of communication skills that are done right at the beginning of the rehab program that begin to put a person back into control of himself, his emotions and his communication. After the thorough drug detoxification step, these skills are then practiced to a higher level of expertise. Then a series of exercises are done that help each person sharpen their perceptions of the real world, not the dim scene they viewed when affected by drugs. The sum of all these actions is a person who is definitely far more in touch with reality!

Will my loved one need to take medications after finishing rehab?

On the Narconon drug and alcohol rehab program, there are no medications ever given as part of treatment. The goal is that a person is completely free of any drugs or drink, other than ones needed for a medical condition. Therefore, no one leaves a Narconon center with directions to take medications.

Will my loved one need to attend frequent meetings after finishing rehab?

Since the Narconon drug rehab program is long-term, each person has the time to fully address and handle the damage done by addiction and to develop the life skills he needs to stay sober. What we hear from our graduates is that they have the tools they need to deal with the rough spots in life when they come up. This is what counts. So there is no need to schedule meetings after graduating from the Narconon program.

Will my loved one be an addict for the rest of her life?

Drug Rehabilitated Life

No, a person really can recover from addiction. The Narconon drug rehab program has a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery. The guilt, cravings and depression that keep a person locked in addiction are thoroughly addressed on this program. When a person graduates from this program, he can consider himself recovered. He will, of course, need to use what he has learned in daily life to maintain a healthy, sober life. By doing this, he may never again feel the need to use drugs or alcohol again.

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